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Want to know what the fastest upgrades to do for rental properties are? 

A fresh coat of interior paint and/ or new carpet or flooring throughout.   A good rule of thumb to follow for rental properties is a 5-7 year range for changes / renews on these two particular interior aspects.

With a high volume rental, carpet receives much wear and tear with many renters each season.  The pad underneath can hold a large amount of dirt and may create unsanitary conditions that is not immediately visible.  No matter how often the carpet gets steam cleaned, the pad can still hold unseen dirt and mold.  Furthermore, if you still have carpet in the bathrooms, this is an area for serious consideration in removing it and installing other flooring such as linoleum, tile or even a laminate wood look.  It’s much easier to keep completely sanitary and that’s important for bathrooms.

Over the years, interior paint can also show wear/tear in various places such as stairwells or entry ways.    Instead of continually touching up paint in the interior of your condo or home, it may be a good time to repaint overall.  Paint tends to fade after only a few years and when touch ups are made many times a distinct difference in the sheen is noticed resulting in an uneven overall paint effect. 

If the interior paint is over 6 years in age, consider a fresh coat of paint which can produce a nice upgrade effect as it freshens up the property.  It’s also a great time to think about a different paint color to help spruce up your rental property.

Changing one or both of these aspects in rental properties will help make them feel fresh and clean.  In addition everything else such as furnishings and décor ambience will look nicer and newer.

Please contact Sharon Yuhas or Andrew Parkhill with any questions, quotes and planning on a fresh coat of paint in your property.   Fall is around the corner and is the perfect time for this kind of project!

Maintenance Matters

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Importance of Energy-Efficient Appliances
With rising costs in utilities, energy-efficient kitchen appliances can save in those costs over the long run. For example, you may be surprised to learn how much electricity a new refrigerator or dishwasher can help you save every year, especially if your current appliances date to the early '90s.   Here are a few reasons you should upgrade your kitchen appliances.
  • Lower energy costs:  Investing in a new kitchen appliance can reduce your energy bills.  A refrigerator consumes more energy than any other kitchen appliance.
  • Smaller carbon footprint:   We still see electricity generated from coal and other fossil fuels which creates excess carbon dioxide and other pollution.
  • Fewer repairs and more savings.  Aging appliances may require expensive repairs. 
If your property has appliances that are 10+ years in age, the energy efficiency is likely greatly reduced as compared to newer, current models.   Something to consider, replacement of kitchen appliances will not only help with energy efficiency, they will also upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen.

Please reach out to Sharon Yuhas or Andrew Parkhill for quotes on an appliance package.