Seasonal Program Early Registration

Seasonal Program Returning Guest Early Registration

This exclusive registration period is for returning guests from seasonal programs from the 2022-23 winter season only. Public launch opens August 28, 2023, at which point programs will be open to new participants, based on availability.

Non-returning guests that register during the early registration period will have their orders cancelled and reminded to wait until new participant registration opens on August 28. 

Child Seasonal Programs

The following programs are available for early registration by clicking on the program name. Please note that registration is for 2022-23 returning guests only at this time.

Program Name Sport Age Skill Level
Mountain Exploration Ski, Snowboard  12-18 Advanced Beginner - Advanced
U19 Alpine Team (FIS) Ski 16-18 Advanced
U16 Alpine Team (USSA) Ski 14-15 Advanced
U14 Alpine Team Ski 12-13 Advanced
U12 Alpine Team Ski 10-11 Advanced
U10 Alpine Team Ski 8-9 Advanced
Moguls Ski 9-18 Advanced
Competitive Snowboard Snowboard 9-18 Advanced
Ski Park and Pipe Ski 9-18 Advanced
All Mountain Ski Team Ski 5-11 Advanced Beginner - Advanced
All Mountain Snowboard Team Snowboard 5-11 Advanced Beginner - Advanced

Early Seasonal Launch Information

What is the birthday/age requirement for registration?
Your child must be within the seasonal program age range (ex. aged 7-14) on or before the first day of the program’s start date unless otherwise specified in the program specific details.


When will I be charged for early registration? 
Seasonal Programs will be charged out to the credit card used online within 2 weeks of registration.


Can I (or my child) register early for a different seasonal program than last season?
You have access to register for any of the Seasonal Program Products at your Resort using the registration link you have received. If you would like to switch Resorts for your Seasonal Program, you will need to wait for non-returner registration.

Please note that participants must meet the age and ability requirements for their registered program, by the start of the program.


Can other family members register early for a seasonal program if they did not participate in a previous season?
Yes, we will accommodate registrations for immediate family members (defined as legal dependents) that did not participate the previous season.


Can I share this link with someone (outside of my immediate family) who did not participate in the previous season?
No, we will be monitoring the registration for returners. Sharing the link will jeopardize your reservation in the program.


Can I register early for more than one seasonal program?
If the program dates do not conflict, you can register for multiple programs (e.g. Saturday and Sunday Program).


How do I make a special request for my child in a seasonal program? 
We cannot guarantee specific instructors or students will be in a group together. We will try our best accommodate when and where we can.


Are there any additional requirements to register for a seasonal program? 
Yes, in order to be eligible for participation in the program, all participants must meet the minimum age and skill requirements as defined for each program at the start of the program.

In addition, all participants are required to have valid lift access (lift ticket or season pass) as well as ski or snowboard equipment, including a helmet if required, by the start of the program.

Can I cancel my early registration for a seasonal program?
See the cancellation policy for Seasonal Programs below.  

  • Seasonal Programs cancelled prior to 30 days of the program start date will be issued a full refund.  
  • Seasonal Programs cancelled within 30 days of the program start date will be charged the Cancellation Fee. 
  • For Seasonal Programs, the Cancellation Fee is 50% of the cost of the program 
  • Programs are non-transferable and refunds will not be offered once the program starts. 

The full Terms of Sale for lessons and programs can be viewed here.


Can I get a partial refund if my child does not complete the program?
There are no partial refunds or rescheduling for days missed by the participant. Programs are non-transferable and refunds will not be offered once the program starts.


Do I need a lift ticket or season pass in order to participate in a seasonal program?
All participants of all ages and ability levels are required to have valid lift access (a ticket or a season pass) for every date of participation in the program. Lift access is not included in the seasonal program registration price unless specified.


Do I need to purchase a season pass now for my child to register for the program?  
No, you do not have to purchase a season pass at the time of purchase, but we highly encourage you to do so to lock in the best season pass rate and benefits. Lift access is not included in the seasonal program registration price unless specified.


Is ski or snowboard equipment included in the seasonal program?
Ski or snowboard equipment is required for all participants for all programs. Rental equipment is not included in the program unless specifically stated, or offered as an optional add-on at checkout.

I am an employee of Vail Resorts. How do I access my employee discount for seasonal programs?
Many of our Seasonal Programs are offered at a discounted rate to active winter or year-round employees.

  • Employees can register in-person, online or over the phone. Employee orders will be discounted (if applicable) and charged in-line with guest orders within 2 weeks of registration
  • Employees who register online should checkout as a regular guest and immediately forward their confirmation email to their resort to flag their order as an employee order and to avoid being charged the full rate to their credit card. 
  • In the Fall and prior to the start of the program, all employees will be verified as active for the 2023-24 season. Any additional follow up with non-active employees will occur at that time to collect the remaining balance on the order. 
  • Specific resorts may have specific requirements or restrictions around employee discounts for certain seasonal programs. Please check with the resort directly for more details.