Our Mission:

To produce “Gold” Medal athletes in life and sport, using Alpine Racing, Freeskiing, Snowboarding, and Big Mountain
as the conduit for life lessons and skill acquisition.

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Teams registration does not include a season pass.  All athletes must purchase a season pass separately.  


SAVE THE DATE: Northstar Truckee Parent Orientation will be held on November16, 2019. We will also host an Equipment Day on October 19th.

Northstar Teams programs are consistent with USSA Long-term athlete development systems.  We are not focused on short-term success and the hazards (and burnout) that often come with it.  We follow individualized plans to make sure all athletes can maximize their long term potential and their enjoyment of the sport.  We take into account every athletes development, physiologically, cognitively and socially, as well as their experience skiing.  
All athletes who are registered for Alpine program must register for USSA.  To renew your membership or register new athletes please go to the USSA site.
All Snowboard athletes must register for USASA.  To renew your membership or register new athletes please go to the USASA website.
Team jackets are mandatory for the Alpine and All Mountain ski programs.  To purchase a jacket please visit the Northstar Teams Foundation website.
If you are interested in athlete scholarships, or volunteer opportunities please visit the Northstar Teams Foundation Website


Download the 2019/2020 Full Time Competitive Calendar

Download the 2019/2020 Part Time Competitive Calendar


Team jackets are distributed by the Northstar Team Foundation. Please go to the https://www.northstarteamfoundation.org/

All Alpine and All Mountain Ski programs are required to purchase Team jackets.  

Team jacket distribution dates will be: 
November date TBD
December 7, 2018
January 12, 2019


Parent orientation is an opportunity to meet head coaches, discuss equipment needs, start designing season goals and competition schedule, and rekindle winter relationships with Team families.  We encourage all Team families to attend a parent orientation.  Orientation will be held in Truckee on November 16th.

This is a great time for All Mountain parents to meet coaching staff and ask questions before the program starts.  


The Northstar Team Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the ski and snowboard program.  They raise funds for our dedicated hill space, athlete scholarships as well as support team coaches to pursue certifications. Please check the Northstar Team Foundation website for more information.

Yes.  The Northstar Team Foundation has need based and merit scholarships available to all competitive athletes.  There are application deadlines, please go to Northstar Team Foundation to apply.