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Northstar Teams 

To produce gold medal athletes in life and sport, using Alpine Racing, Freeskiing, Snowboarding, and Big Mountain as the conduit for life lessons and skill acquisition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce gold medal athletes in life and sport using alpine racing, freeskiing, snowboarding and big mountain as the conduit for life long lessons and skill acquisition. This reflects the understanding that our athletes come to us with a wide range of goals and ambitions. While a few members may make it to the highest level of competition, our goal for our athletes is to help them develop the character and skills that will help them be successful in life-- wherever their ambitions and talents may take them.

The Northstar Team Foundation and Northstar Resort work collaboratively to provide dedicated hill space for athletes, financial support for our coaching staff to pursue development opportunities as well as scholarships for athletes that are part of the competitive programs.