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Employee Grooming Standards

Northstar managers expect the highest of standards regarding cleanliness & appearance of our staff.  Every team member is expected to report to work in the appropriate uniform following our employee presentation policy.

Uniform Standards

  • Certain positions require employees to wear a uniform while working.  Employees are expected to wear uniforms in the appropriate manner; nametags must be worn and jackets zipped up to above nametag level. Promotional clothing that displays a message or promotes brands other than Vail Resorts and its strategic partners may not be worn while in uniform.  All hats, where permitted, must be worn facing forward.

  • In addition, employees are expected to use appropriate equipment while on duty or in uniform and must keep their uniforms, helmets and equipment free of inappropriate, offensive images, stickers or statements, including anything promoting brands other than Vail Resorts and its strategic partners.

Think Appearance 

If you look good, you feel good. Creating thoughtful and meaningful interactions is what Northstar is all about, which is why it is important for our staff to have a clean and neat appearance.  Wearing the appropriate uniform helps our guests identify us as helpful and knowledgeable staff.  We take pride in wearing our Northstar uniform and it is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean and wrinkle-free. 


Employees may have visible tattoos, except in the face and neck area, in good taste and not offensive. An employee may be asked to cover their tattoo with clothing while on duty and must comply if requested.

Jewelry & Piercings

All jewelry must be professional in appearance.  One small nose stud is allowed. Up to two earrings or one solid gauge up to ½” maximum in each ear is allowed. All other facial jewelry or visible body piercings, including additional nose rings, gauges and tongue studs are not permitted.  Concealing jewelry with a bandage or other means is not permitted.

Facial Hair

Beards, goatees, sideburns and mustaches are allowed up to ¾” length maximum and must be neatly trimmed at all times; otherwise, staff should be clean shaven at all times. Extreme styles are not permitted.


Hair should be clean, professional and kept back from the face. Extreme styles (e.g. mohawks) are not permitted.


Fingernails should be clean and short or moderate in length; polished nails should be maintained in good condition.


Employees are expected to dress professionally and follow all reasonable personal care standards, including regular bathing to avoid offensive or excessive odors such as body odor and/or perfume and cologne.


Employees are expected to wear footwear appropriate for their position and in good condition. 


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